UK Fleet Managers List

This is the largest database of fleet managers available in the UK; this influential group of middle managers is responsible for all aspects related to the management of the company car pool and control huge budgets. Executives in this category often have an extremely positive attitude to direct mail and are keen buyers of many products and services in connection with the choice of cars and accessories, as well as the various finance and insurance options available.

Data is 100% post-coded and telephone numbers are available for all records. Fax numbers are available for over 70% of records and are cleaned against the Fax Preference Service File.

58,000+ records

$300/m base (+$100/m for 12 month leases) Data supplied for 12 months lease include telephone numbers (100%) and fax numbers, where available.

All names were contacted within the last 6 months.

Data can be selected by the number of cars in the fleet, the predominant model of vehicle in the fleet (if any), and geography.

Data Structure
The following fields are supplied, as standard, for each record: Named fleet manager, company name, full company address including PAF verified postcodes, and salutation. Telephone & facsimile numbers are appended, when ordered.

Terms and Conditions
All data is supplied for single use or 12 months lease, and must not be resold to a third party.

For more information on our UK Fleet Managers or a PDF datacard, please contact us directly at (866)-407-1162 or