Transportation & Logistics

For many years we have found ourselves more and more involved with transportation and logistics companies through direct marketing and data compilation & aggregation. We specialize in many forms of transportation data; whether you are a motorcycle retailer, trucking/transport business, GPS/software company, Etc – we have the transportation & logistics data for you.

Files Include

• Truck Fleet Operators Nationwide
• Canadian Truck Fleet Managers file
• UK Fleet Managers List
• Logistics Management Mailing List
• Trucking Industry Providers Database
• Owner/Operators file
• Commercial Driving License Masterfile
• National Boat Owners Database
• RV Owners Nationwide
• Motorcycle Owners Database
• FAA Licensed Pilots
• Aircraft Owners
• Transport and Logistics Connection Worldwide

And many more – please inquire.

For more information, datacards, or to inquire about data not advertised above, please contact us directly at (866)-407-1162 or