List Management

Like you, RJRdata is always open to discuss possible partnerships or contractual arrangements regarding our data or yours. If you have an existing database, customer file, aggregate court records, or a response driven list (domestic or international), Etc – and would like to discuss the opportunity for RJRdata to market your file on your behalf, please contact us.

Keep in mind not all lists are the same – we strive to manage only lists where the list source is clearly disclosed (This is Imperative). At RJRdata, we have seen our fair share of lists with questionable sources, especially emailing lists. We will not manage a list that does not have a clearly defined and logical list source.

What we do
We promote your file at our expense reaching list brokers, agencies, and targeted mailers through email, banner and postal promotions, trade publications, Etc. We'll make sure that the decision-makers at over 2,300 list brokerages and agencies worldwide have the ability to view your list. Even further, we have the ability to market your list directly to your targeted mailers.
Your list could be featured on our home page and banners throughout our site.
We take care of all the details from beginning to end: order processing, list fulfillment, security and tracking are all part of the process.

How We Do It
We create datacards. The first step in list management is learning about your database/ list. That information is then condensed into a one-page description of each list. This is the primary marketing tool used in the industry.

We promote your list. List promotions include rate card distribution to all list brokers, list managers, and mailers in the industry. Announcements will be made in direct mail trade publications. Email promotions will be sent to over 7,000 direct mail professionals, as well as direct calls and fax promotions to potential customers.

We handle the order processing. The typical order process is as follows. A mailer will present a sample mail piece, as well as any selects that may be required. We provide them pricing and counts specific to their request. If requested, this information can be sent to the list owner to approve the offer. Any offer may be refused. Questionable offers will be sent for approval. When everything is completed, the order will be processed and shipped to the mailer. The client/mailer will be billed, and the accounting department will begin tracking the order.

We handle order fulfillment. All orders are processed in-house and can be fulfilled within minutes. We are able to provide orders on various media, including e-mail, FTP, CD Rom, Etc.
We take care of seeding and tracking. Each list is seeded with mailing addresses around the country. The list owner could be included in the decoys. We use a proprietary seed insertion and tracking system that allows us to keep track of exactly what is being mailed. This allows us to track multiple usages as well as changes to mail pieces. We can track each piece of mail back to the exact order and mail piece that was approved.

Our past and ongoing attentiveness to relations with list brokers and mailers ensures that your list is at the forefront of major rental activity.

If you would like more information or to request a custom list management proposal, please contact us directly at (866)-407-1162 or