List Brokerage

A list broker is a professional marketer and consultant, who plays a very important role in the direct marketing process. As one of your consultants, we will find the right lists in accordance with a specified marketing campaign. During the list rental process, are responsibilities include research, list analysis, list recommendations, order placement, and handling all monetary transactions.

After evaluating your current marketing strategies, RJRdata will determine the credible usefulness of diverse mailing lists specific to your campaign(s). Comparing a range of databases and lists, including databases not available to the public, RJRdata will match your campaign criteria with specific list content. Additionally, when selecting lists, we will take into account the size of the list, cost, and list selections and update frequency. With your help we would also have the ability to analyze list effectiveness used in previous campaigns.

RJRdata will then make specific recommendations to you, regarding lists that will produce optimal results. In this recommendation, we will provide counts for certain geographical areas, usage information, advice on which selections to use, and recommendations on test quantities for each list presented.

Through the consultation process, RJRdata will determine the order quantities for each list. RJRdata will then place the orders for the lists and manage the shipping arrangements.

RJRdata prides itself on the fact that we are more than just mere salesman; we are true marketing consultants/advisors that want to be looked at as part of the team.

Additionally, with our extensive industry knowledge, background, connections, and buying power we are able to negotiate deals on your behalf, such as net-name arrangements and volume discounts.

Through trust, confidence, communication, and overall dedication to our customers RJRdata works with each client/potential client to become an extension of their marketing arm.

If you would like more information about our list brokerage services or a custom recommendation, please contact us directly at: (866)-407-1162 or