Email Marketing with RJRdata

RJRdata believes Email Marketing is an important tool in the hands of marketers in this information era.

Last year US companies spent over $600 million on email marketing – this was no accident. The cost of communication via email is pennies when compared with the traditional methods of marketing communications. Consequently email marketing has become a complementary medium of marketers globally. Email marketing is based on permission based marketing as opposed to email spam.

RJRdata Implores 4 Easy Steps to Email Marketing

1. Connect
• The key to a successful campaign is planning. With free consultations, we aim to get to know you and understand your business needs. In this way we can help to maximize your return on investment and build a long and successful relationship.

2. Create
• You can supply your copy (email creative piece) or we can do it for you. Employing one of the best creative designers in the industry, our team can handle all your graphic’s needs. We look to offer a one stop shop for all your email marketing needs.

3. Test
• Utilizing cutting edge tools, we test every creative and your content to maximize not only its impact but its reach and deliverability.

4. Send
• Once the test is approved the fun begins. We will work with you to make sure your broadcast goes out on your preferred date. Within 24-48 hours after the broadcast you will receive your live tracking link, showing your traffic as it happens in real time.

Email Marketing Provides a Lower Cost

• It costs far less than direct-mail, telemarketing, or SMS to produce an email campaign from execution to delivery.
• This is an inexpensive, flexible, and simple way to reach new customers.
• When compared to the increasing costs of postage, printing, and paper, it’s no wonder email marketing is the fastest growing marketing medium to date.
• “Go Green” with paper free email marketing.

Lightning Speed with Email Marketing

• With the lightning-speed of email list delivery, you can expect the response time of your individual campaigns will be cut down immensely, due to the high velocity of email delivery.
• Although most responses will be within the first 72 hours of any one email campaign you can still expect the results to continue to build gradually over the course of a week or two.

Consistency is and has proved to be the most crucial aspect of any companies email marketing strategy. Unlike traditional forms of direct marketing you will not be able to properly gauge your email marketing strategy from one email delivery. Developing a strong brand recognition through email marketing requires consistency as your prospects need to see your name, logo, offer, products/services several times before relating and feeling comfortable responding.

When done effectively email marketing is a great addition to any companies marketing arsenal.

For more information on email marketing with RJRdata or a free consultation, please contact us directly at (866)-407-1162 or