Customer Profiling & Analytics

So many businesspeople view their customers as one large undefined group. They analyze their business in terms of sales made and profits realized; you better believe they know their financials. However, we’ve seen that many businesspeople do not understand the importance of obtaining a thorough understanding of their customers.

Without a thorough understanding, it’s virtually impossible to ensure that you are developing the appropriate strategies for today, and for tomorrow. If you don’t have a handle on the make-up of your customer base, it’s tough to create new products, for example, or to plan new marketing campaigns.

Well, with your decision to use our Customer Profile services, you will now have the tools to think strategically and ensure that your business grows based on a deep understanding of your customers.

Profiling Objective
Customer profiling answers one or more of the following questions:

1. What does my customer base look like, in terms of core demographics, real property data and behavioral data?
2. Are there any surprises in my customer base? Do I really have a good understanding of my customers?
3. How do customers differ from prospects? What types of attributes make my customers unique—different from the universe at large?
4. How well have I penetrated my market? How much prospecting opportunity is there in the marketplace, in terms of numbers of qualified leads?

With our Comprehensive Report Package, we’ve answered each of the above questions!

Your report package includes the following:
• Overview of the processing performed, including a recap of data analyzed
• Complete Customer Profile Reports
• Customer and Prospect Profile Comparison Reports
• Key findings
• Prospecting recommendations (including a count for prospects outside your internal database that meet the criteria we have found)

“We believe that a great way to find new prospects is to determine the characteristics of your best clients and target new ones with the same attributes”

Sample Overview
Segmentation Results

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