Saturation Lists

Saturation mailing lists—otherwise known as Occupant Lists—are inexpensive in preparation, postage, and can reach customers quickly. They also provide you instant name recognition throughout your neighborhood, since most clients of small businesses generally live within two to five miles of the business. Imagine receiving a direct mail piece from a new restaurant, and seeing that same restaurant later that day. You think “I know that place!” Using a saturation mailing list to publicize a new business has the potential to bring you numerous neighboring customers/clients, based on brand recognition alone.

Your organization can use a saturation mailing list (also known as an occupant list or Resident Occupancy List) to reach every potential customer in your target market area. These inexpensive lists allow you to easily saturate neighborhoods, counties, zip codes, and “rooftop” radiuses with your offer. Saturation mailing lists from RJRdata include all of the addresses within a postal carrier route in Walk Sequence Order. It’s a very efficient way for the Post Office to deliver your mail. And USPS passes the savings on to you in the form of postage discounts. In fact, when you do a saturation mailing you can expect to save between 50-60% off postage depending on your service area.

Features and Benefits

• Localize and saturate an area by zip code, radius, city, county, or state
• Save 4-5 cents off standard mail postage rates
• Choose from more than 150 million U.S. addresses
• Lowest price guaranteed

Saturation mailing lists get the seal of approval from the Post Office as well. They offer incentives for saturation mailings, because it’s delivered in walk sequence order—the actual sequence a mail carrier walks their route—which is a very efficient way to deliver mail.

Select Options

• Zip code
• Carrier Route
• Radius
• County
• City
• City Deliveries
• P.O. Boxes
• Rural Routes
• Apartments
• Businesses

Each record is addressed to “Current Resident” or a title slug of your choice. Names may be included where available if requested (typically about 75% of the database has names depending on your service area). Saturation lists are not recommended for First-Class mailings.

An inexpensive saturation mailing list, carefully chosen from local carrier routes with addressee names, has success written all over it. Sit back and enjoy the delivery of saturation mailing list success!

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