International Data

RJRdata’s networked access to over 10,000 foreign lists (which is updated daily with new list counts & selections, etc.) ensures that we have access to any international data on or off the market, covering over 230 countries. Essentially, RJRdata can provide you with foreign lists other list brokers don’t even know about.

Security , Privacy, and Trust
Because protection of our clients is of utmost importance and many countries do not have a code of list ethics and practices such as the US and Canada, RJRdata abides a strict international set of terms and conditions to accompany list orders, by confirming what is and what is not acceptable for foreign data ordered on your behalf.

With so many new foreign lists coming onto the market each year, an inexperienced international list broker may find it difficult to separate the good from the bad. RJRdata is dedicated to supplying only international lists that have been thoroughly checked and that the credentials of each new list and the respective owner, and only if we are totally satisfied with the quality and legitimacy, do we recommend that list to you.

Your company has the satisfaction of knowing that you are protected from renting lists that are pirated, over priced or duplicated, as RJRdata operates under a code of ethics that commands amongst other things that we volunteer the identity of each list owner – if it is not on the details we send you, we will let you know.

Lack of Demographic Selects
Many foreign list owners have limited list selection abilities, RJRdata can negotiate on your behalf for you/your computer bureau to do the selections yourself (e.g., by country; business vs. consumer address; gender, etc.) and that you only pay for the names mailed.

Multiple Uses
Many international mailers who have lower brand recognition overseas adopt a successful strategy of mailing the same list several times to create brand awareness and higher response rates. RJRdata can negotiate substantial price discounts for these subsequent list uses.

International List Exchanges
List exchanges are particularly popular with foreign list owners who are skeptical of releasing data overseas. RJRdata can negotiate list exchanges for you and achieve substantial cost savings on your behalf.

Eyes on the Market
Our continual monitoring of the performance of international lists for our clients, means we have inside knowledge of what lists are likely to work for you – and importantly which ones will not. Direct Mail, while a low route to foreign markets, can fail dramatically if the target market is not properly identified. RJRdata’s unique positioning, skills and experience, will demonstrate that the international list marketplace is not as impenetrable as you may first think. As well RJRdata uses our experience to ship data from overseas via the most cost efficient means for you.

Why us for International Lists?
Unlike many list rental companies, who will tell you they can “handle” international list rental inquiries, RJRdata is dedicated to worldwide list work. RJRdata has experienced, predicted, and most importantly, stood strong through the various market influxes due to the economy, terrorism, and global politics over the recent years. RJRdata is globally minded – we understand that what you see on the news tonight may seriously alter your international mailing list plan tomorrow.

What You Will Receive?
1. Access to every international mailing list available worldwide.
2. Our experience in working with international mailing lists – over the years, we have developed relationships with mailing list brokers, managers, and owners around the world.

Want Us to Manage Your International List?
Not all international lists are the same – we strive to manage only lists where the list source is clearly disclosed (This is Imperative). At RJRdata, we have seen our fair share of lists with questionable sources, especially international mailing lists. We will not manage a list that does not have a clearly defined and logical list source.

If you have international data/list needs, or if you own an international mailing list you would like us to manage, please contact us directly at (866)-407-1162 or