Credit Filtered Mailing Lists

Are you a mortgage professional that is tired of wasting time on prospective clients, which in the end don’t meet the criteria to be approved? Do you know the exact criteria that you prospects need to meet to get approved?

We can provide your mortgage group the permissible purpose you need to find the ideal leads you are searching for. This mortgage data is NOT modeled and comes directly from the Credit Bureau and is a mortgage brokers dream.

By using credit bureau data you can sleep at night knowing that your mailer only went out to prospects that can use your service. Knowing their score prevents wasting time and money on mailers to prospects that can’t even use your service.

RJRdata will work directly with you to ensure you are targeting your perfect set of credit, debt, equity and geographic filters to rocket your mortgage marketing program to the next level.

5,000 Name Minimum Order
Please Inquire about telemarketing (strict compliancy mandate). All orders must have a specific disclaimer and wording given to you by us. Mail piece must be approved before order will be sent.

Available Selects Include

Hispanic Surnames
Agg Balance for Mortgage
Aggregate Mortgage Bal. Installment
Agg Mortgage Balance for All Open Trades
Average Age of Mortgage Trades
Bankruptcy Chap 7 & 13
Beacon Score/FICO
Current Delinquencies
High Credit on Mortgage
Home Equity
Lender Information
Length of Residence
Major or Minor Derogs
Mortgage Currently Past Due
Mortgage Highest Balance
Mortgage Monthly Payment
Mortgage Type
Most Recent Mortgage
Number of months late 30,60,90,120
Number of Mort Trades
Presence of a Mortgage
Total Number Of Mortgage Trades Opened
Total Number of Mortgage Trades
Total Of All Revolving Bankcards

And many more...

For more information, to discuss pricing and availability, or for a copy of the rules and regulations regarding credit data, please contact us directly at (866)-407-1162 or