National Enhanced Consumer Database

Our consumer database is a multi-sourced consumer information database. Our database is the most comprehensive database on the market. There are over 500 demographic and lifestyle characteristics on the file. We have developed a multi-sourced and data-enriched consumer information product of transaction and response-driven elements that are demographically selectable for any marketing communication program from list generation to customer database enhancement. It contains actionable information on nearly 160 million households and 280+ million individuals brought together "relationally" from pivotal file sources used for demographically selectable items at the individual, household and area level.

Our multi-sourced consumer database also includes new and previously unreleased consumer interest elements. Sourced from actual subscribers of various national magazine and periodical titles, subscriber interest and lifestyle elements will include: Gardening, Decorating, Do-It-Yourself / Home Improvement, Travel, Gourmet Cooking, Fine Dining, Woodworking, Sewing/Knitting, Crafts, Beauty & Fashion, Children’s & Adult Health, Book Buyers, Spanish Speaking Subscribers, Empty Nesters, and more.

The addition of these elements gives our consumer database far greater depth in lifestyle and interest categories, than any single-sourced database. The accuracy and timeliness of subscriber-based information is unparalleled by standard survey and response data. The ability to use these subscriber-based interest and lifestyle selections alone, or in conjunction with survey-based and other self-reported sources gives direct marketers a distinct advantage when they use our consumer database.

This database is updated monthly with ever growing demographic, household and individual counts. In addition to standard selections covering exact age, household income and presence of children, we are proud to present a complementary behavioral information component that is an 80 million household subset compiled from response surveys and interactive sources. This segment will serve to complement our data enhancement and list services by introducing psychographic data that defines the lifestyle characteristics, behavior and product interests of individuals whose social roles, activities, hobbies and habits can be matched to a specific offer and provide insight into their purchasing likelihood.

Our consumer database is made up of 4 primary sources:

1. 220 million records from #1 Major US Compiler
2. 215 million records from #2 Major US Compiler
3. 190 million records from the Nationwide White Pages file
4. 350 million records from Nationwide Directory Assistance Data

Multiple Secondary Sources Include (but are not limited to):

1. 800,000 weekly New Telephone Connects & Disconnects
2. 350,000 weekly Mortgage Tax & Deed Transactions
3. 79 million Lifestyles & Interests Data
4. 120 million Premium Ethnicity & Language Data
5. 65 million Mail Order Response Data
6. 81 million Magazine Subscribers
7. 180 million E-Mail Database
8. Modeling & Analytics
9. 320,000 Weekly New Movers

All Available State, privately held, and National “Do-Not-Call” files – along with all wireless numbers are flagged.

We clean and standardize the data to keep the addresses accurate.

The file is run through the USPS National Change of Address (NCOA Link), Zip+4, and (DPV) Delivery Point Validation.

In addition, we flag deceased records, prison records, nursing homes, and Do-Not-Mail Records.

Each 6 week update, over 1billion records are run through proprietary software to match, verify, and remove duplicate records.

Our entire consumer database is run through a vigorous quality control procedure to ensure accuracy.

If you would like more information, counts, and/or pricing from the National Enhanced Consumer Database, please contact us directly at (866)-407-1162 or