Business-to-Institution Marketing Data (B2i)

City Halls aren't businesses.
Churches aren't businesses.
Hospitals aren't businesses.
Schools aren't businesses.

When you think about it, it’s clear that “General Business” databases will lead you astray when marketing to institutions. Unlike generic B2B databases, our direct source compiles institutions using methods, data structures, and selections specifically designed to add power to institutional marketing. Our compilers database features information on more than 1.4 million institutions and the names of more than 8.2 million decision makers at those institutions.

Institutions in the government, education, healthcare, and religion sectors are lucrative targets for business marketers, but they can’t be accurately described, adequately selected, or reliably modeled using the attributes available on B2B databases. These powerful prospects aren’t an afterthought to; our source, they’re what they compile every day.

Business-to-Institution (B2i) marketing refers to a large portion of the B2B market. Businesses have products and services to sell. One of their top prospects should be institutions but institutions don't act like businesses, don't buy like businesses, and can't be segmented like businesses. Marketers need precise strategies to effectively reach the decision makers at institutions.

Business database compilers attempt to identify and collect information on all 15,000,000 entities. Compilers of institutional data are not driven by SICs and frequently don't even use them. They collect data only where there is market demand and where high quality, well-defined data sources are available. The data is often telephone verified and personal names and appropriate attributes are added. Applying business attributes like number of employees or sales volume just doesn't work well when you're trying to reach institutions.

Institutional Lists include


• Churches by Denomination
• Baptist Churches
• Catholic Churches
• Church of God
• Churches of Christ
• Lutheran Churches
• Methodist Churches
• Presbyterian Churches

Religious Education
• Christian Schools
• Religious Affiliated Schools
• Religious Colleges & Seminaries

Catholic Institutions
Community Centers
Jewish Organizations
Summer Camps


Community Centers
Red Cross Chapters
Runaway and Homeless Youth Shelters
Senior Centers


City Government
Correctional Institutions
County Government
Law Enforcement Agencies
Police Departments
Public Health Departments


Healthcare Administrators
• Activity Directors
• Human Resources/Personnel Directors
• Office Managers in Medical Offices

• Hospitals
• Doctors at Hospitals
• Hospital Emergency Departments

Long Term Care and Senior Services
• Adult Day Cares
• Assisted Living Services
• Home Healthcare Services
• Hospices
• Nursing Homes
• Retirement Homes and Communities
• Senior Centers
• Sub-acute Healthcare

Medical Professionals
• Dentists
• Dentists - Group Practices
• Doctors
• Doctors - Group Practices
• Doctors at Healthcare Institutions
• Doctors at Hospitals
• Group Practices
• Office Managers in Medical Offices
• Veterinarians and Veterinary Practices

Medical Clinics
• Alcohol and Drug Treatment Facilities
• Ambulatory Surgery Centers
• Cancer Centers and Services
• Pain Care Facilities
• Primary Care Programs
• Renal Dialysis and Transplant Services
• Residential Treatment Centers
• Urgent Care Centers

Ambulance Services
Health and Nurse Services at School Districts
Medical Libraries
Medical, Nursing, and Dental Schools
Public Health Departments
Red Cross Chapters
Schools of Nursing
Substance Abuse & AIDS Education


• Libraries
• Art, Historical, and Music Libraries
• Business and Corporate Libraries
• Government Libraries
• Law Libraries
• Public Libraries
• School Libraries
• Science & Technical Libraries

Museums & Zoos/Aquariums/Wildlife Habitat


• Elementary Schools
• Middle/Jr. High Schools
• High/Sr. High Schools
• K-12 Schools
• Christian Schools
• Failing Schools
• Private Schools
• Public Schools
• Religious Affiliated Schools
• School Libraries
• Schools for Disabled Students
• Schools with High NCLB Intensity
• Site-Based Managed Schools
• Site-Based Purchasing Schools
• Teachers
• Title I School-Wide Programs

School Districts
• School Districts
• School District Personnel
• Health & Nurse Services at School Districts

Early Childhood Education
• Child Care & Early Childhood Education
• Head Start Programs

Colleges & Universities
• Colleges & Universities
• Junior & Community Colleges
• Medical, Nursing, and Dental Schools
• Religious Colleges & Seminaries
• Schools of Nursing

Even Start Programs
Native American Education
Parent Teacher Associations/Organizations
Summer Camps

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