National Enhanced Business Database (B2b)

Our National Enhanced Business Database is compiled from a variety of public information sources including directory assistance, yellow pages, marketing data suppliers/compilers, tele-verification phone surveys, and secretary of state & federal filings.

Our National Enhanced Business Database features demographic and credit information updated monthly on more than 16 million businesses. The National Enhanced Business Database covers the largest companies found in the Fortune 1000 and provides extensive coverage on millions of hard-to-find small-business owners. Allowing you to directly target new prospects and gain intelligence on your current customer base.

Our National Enhanced Business Database is refreshed each month, when all businesses go through a series of address hygiene processes to ensure the highest-quality addresses on every business. Our unique and proprietary sources supply data on millions of small businesses not found in other B2B databases. These unique and often under marketed records help drive product campaign results.

You can also select by brand new businesses or businesses new to the file; pick the most recent update or the last 30/60/90 day hotlines. The business new connect file is created from our raw feed of new phone connects/disconnects. Home businesses as well as standard business locations can be selected. There are approximately 70,000 new business connects/disconnects added to this file weekly.

Our National Enhanced Business Database blends business data from a variety of public information sources with continuous multi-sourced updates; the end result, the most reliable database of business information available.

Available Business Selects/Outputs
Company Name
Contact Name
Contact Title/Function
Address Zip+4
Phone Number
Number of PC's
SIC Code
SIC Description
Employee Size
Sales Volume
Delivery Point Validation
Carrier Route
FIPS Codes
Year Started
Legal Status
Facsimile (Fax Line)
CASS Status Code
Bar Code Info

And much more...

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