About RJRdata

Who is RJRdata?

RJRdata, LLC is a multifaceted direct marketing service provider. In addition to list management services we also offer a broad scope of products and services to enhance your multi-channel marketing efforts and guarantee your success and ours together. Through trust, confidence, communication, and overall dedication to our customers RJRdata works with each client and potential client to become an extension of their marketing arm.

Why Choose Us?

The decision to partner with RJRdata for your marketing initiatives is simple. We have access to over 1 billion consumers and businesses worldwide with demographic behavior and purchasing demographics for direct mail, telemarketing, email, SMS, and more. We provide modeling, appending, DNC compliance, suppression file management, data-hygiene, list management, we are piped into the largest list brokers network worldwide and much more.

Most importantly we have built our business around you, the customer. We are open for business 12 hours a day and maintain a 24 hour number for our international clients; ensuring RJRdata will provide you comprehensive professional service, when you need it.

Ahead of the Game

Over the years, we have developed important relationships throughout the direct marketing industry, giving us a competitive advantage. Furthermore, we will provide you precise and recent counts as well as competitive prices and discounts. RJRdata prides itself on staying up to date on new lists available to the market. Finally, by offering you multiplicity in your list selections and services, we can construct a profitable direct marketing campaign for you or your clients. RJRdata has access to a suite of sophisticated, proprietary technical tools that streamline daily process, research, and analytic functions.

It is this unique combination of marketing savvy and state-of-the-art technology that helps RJRdata’s clients consistently stay ahead of the curve.

Creating a New Path

Since the beginning, we have strived to be the mailers advocate and our many years of experience combined with our diversity of services has allowed RJRdata to help mailers prosper.

We believe our success is directly tied into yours. Because of this mindset we have been fortunate to partner with some of the world’s leading direct marketing companies in virtually every field…consumer catalogs, business-to-business marketers, financial institutions, technology companies, publishers, retail, Etc.

RJRdata will be your marketing ally who shares your marketing vision and the responsibility for campaign execution and profitability. The process of providing comprehensive customer acquisition strategies starts with a thorough understanding of the product or service being marketed and its competitive marketplace. You will see RJRdata become an integral member of your marketing staff while providing strategic planning, customer retention and reactivation strategies, and complete program cost analysis. Other services offered include detailed list and competitive market research, universe identification, targeted recommendations, circulation plans, and merge purge strategies.

What to Expect?

As we are sure you know; it’s a rarity in this industry to have an expert devoting total focus to your project and needs. This is what our clients receive and what you can expect from RJRdata.

Postal Mail, Telemarketing, Email, and SMS – we believe that no company knows lists better. And we pride ourselves on the personal, collaborative approach we offer. With RJRdata, you get more than just a list or some data – you obtain responsiveness, problem-solving and the ability to meet even the tightest of deadlines. We have the investigative skills to unearth the best of what you need and the ingenuity to make resourceful recommendations. And though we’re well-versed in the lingo of the direct marketing business, our proposals are clear-cut, with easy-to-understand recommendations and pricing options.

In the end, we will put our extensive industry knowledge, background, connections, and buying power to work for you, as your success is our success.

For more info on who we are and what we will do for you, please contact us at (866)-407-1162 or info@RJRdata.com.